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Given our knowledge of the UK and indeed EMEA market place of ISV's, IHV's, VAR's and Distributors, Value-4IT are ideally placed to assist the overseas software manufacturer create a UK and/or EMEA operation, either directly with their own company brand or via a distribution channel. Value-4IT have assisted a number of software organizations in establishing a UK and EMEA distribution channel with an all encompassing service, including but not limited to:

Distributor/Partner Qualification (UK/EMEA shortlist creation)
UK Office Infrastructure (Company set-up, Personnel recruitment, et al)
Distributor Management (Sales qualification, Marketing, Technical training, et al)
Distributor Management (Sales qualification, Marketing, Technical training, et al)
Support (Interim or long-term Pre Sales and Post Sales implementation support)

Ultimately local market success is achieved via an appreciation of the culture, etiquette, marketplace and indeed the business model required for success in any given territory. Typically Value-4IT have assisted software organizations from countries such as The USA and Israel in establishing UK and EMEA operations. Of course, just as each of the states within the USA might require a different business engagement style, then largely the same is true for each of the countries throughout EMEA. However the major difference is culture and language, where there are numerous cultures and languages throughout EMEA, while largely the culture within the USA is universal, as is the language spoken and written, namely English! Similarly the USA has its own hierarchy of revenue opportunity from state-to-state, while a similar hierarchy applies within EMEA. All of these subjective considerations generate a requirement for a carefully qualified business plan and a modicum of timely value-added input and mentoring from like-minded but locally based business partners.

Value-4IT are ideally placed being a UK based operation that can assist EMEA market penetration via a cost-efficient and tangible modus operandi for non-UK based software organizations. Software distribution is a serious matter and even establishing a network of distributors can be time consuming, but without qualification and commitment to sales generation, such an investment may very quickly become precarious, as the distribution channel appointed might require a significant investment in support time, while generating little or no revenue, which of course impacts the overall bottom-line. In conclusion, EMEA is a significant and geographically dispersed economy with an ever-increasing requirement for best-of-breed and value-added software solutions; and so as with anything in life, a modicum of pragmatic speculation will increase the chances for organic accumulation.

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