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Value-4IT Software Products Overview
Historically when considering IT solution Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), hardware was the most significant non-personnel related IT expenditure item, but since the mid-1990's and the year-on-year reduction of hardware prices, software has now been elevated into the position of the most significant IT expenditure resource. Maximizing ROI efficiencies and lowering the TCO for software assets is of significant importance for all organizations, whether large or small, and so Value-4IT are focussed on delivering innovative and cost efficient software solutions accordingly, while being fully conversant in Software Asset Management (SAM) processes accordingly.

Software functionality is always evolving and improving, but some products offer more flexibility and value-for-money than others, sometimes due to ISV consolidation via Merger and Acquisition activities, or sometimes because a product is deemed as legacy and non-strategic by the associated ISV. At Value-4IT we pay particular attention to the functionality offered by all competitive products, forming part of our SAM consultancy services, safeguarding that our customer base can derive maximum value from their software investments.

Equally, Value-4IT believe in "Fair Trade" for software usage and pricing, while we operate a no "Small Print or Restrictive Clause" software licensing ethos accordingly, allowing our customers to derive maximum value from their software investment, regardless of any change of circumstance. Value-4IT also provide flexible pricing regimes wherever practicable, including Workload Charging (WLC), Measured Usage License Charging (MULC), naming but two. Ultimately Value-4IT are focussed on developing and maintaining long-term strategic relationships with our customer base and delivering perpetual business value from our software portfolio facilitates such an ethos.

Customer Quotation: IT Manager (CTO) Financial Services Organization:
"We had recently merged with another company and inherited an uncontrollable software portfolio of diverse Systems Management products with little control or tangible visibility over functionality duplication and cost control.

Value-4IT reviewed our software portfolio, implemented common-sense SAM processes, reducing software costs, while simplifying operational management, even in unexpected areas, where we thought we had deployed the best solution!”

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